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Mar 5, 2020

My home is sparkling!!! Even the little hidden places I checked were dust free!!! I am so grateful for your help!

- Amy

Mar 5, 2020

Thank you! I know the first clean was a big job today! House looks great!

- Missy

Mar 3, 2020

As always! Many thanks for taking such good care of my home

- Evelyn

Mar 2, 2020

The ladies did a lovely job and went above and beyond to see that my apartment was locked. Please thank them again.

- Rebecca

Feb 28, 2020

Reason for 4 stars is that the dining room was missed. We ended up dusting the furniture and the chairs. The rest of the house was great!

- Brent

Mar 2, 2020

The house looked and smelled great!

- Patsy

Feb 25, 2020

I am very happy with the 3 girls who cleaned my home. Everything was "right on target"....BEDS WERE PERFECT .....!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for sending a good crew!!!!!

- Bernie

Feb 27, 2020

very thorough and pleasant

- Phyllis

Feb 27, 2020

Good Job as always..

- Dorcas

Feb 26, 2020

They did an amazing job!! So nice to come home to a clean house. I opened the microwave today and was like Holy Cow...they cleaned the microwave. Loved getting into a freshly clean shower. Between working, basketball and life in general it's so nice to have some extra time now. Never really thought we needed a cleaning service, but now I'm like why did we wait so long. Thanks Nicole, Terrika and Phillis!!

- Karen